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0  Liftmoore Crane 5080XP-20 50 000 Ft-Lbs. Rating

Stock #   L5080XP-20
Body Style  
Mileage   0
Exterior Color   White
Interior Color   Not Specified
Engine   8000lbs. Capacity
Transmission   Manual
Drive Type  
VIN #   LM5080

Liftmoore Crane
Model: LM50804XP - 20
Moment Rating: 50 000 Ft.-Lb.
Capacity: 8 000 Lbs. at 6 Ft.
Hydraulically powered Rotation & Winch
Power Boom: 10 Ft. to 16 Ft.
Manual Boom Extension: 16 Ft. to 20 Ft.
Continuous Unlimited Rotation unless additional electrical controls are added to the Pendant
Removable Pendant Control is 25 Ft. Long
Proportional Flow Control for Powered Functions.
Includes 95 Ft. of 3/8" Galvanized Aircraft Cable
Includes Traveling Block with Swivel Safety Hook
Anti Two-Block is included
Load Sensor is included.
Drum to Wire Rope Ratio meets ANSI requirements
Pump Reservoir and Hoses NOT included.
Pump should supply 6 GPM at 2750 PSI

Meets requirements of 29 CFR 1910.180 ANSI B30.5 and SAE J1063

Shipping Weight: 1850 Lbs.

View PDF Here: http://www.texastruckcenter.com/maintainer/Liftmoore%20Crane%20-%205080%20XP-16-20%20Specs.pdf

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