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October 2, 2003

Well guys here it is months later, bought truck July 26, 2003, and I finally get to write a thank-you note. May seem kind of weird for a customer to write a thank-you, but Justin deserves it. For months I was shopping, looking, comparing, truck to truck, price to price, dealer "promises" and gimmicks. I ran across Houston Automotive from E-BAY, looking at a 2001 F-250 lariat, crew cab, power stroke and decided to check their website. After speaking to Justin for a week or so I knew this was the place and truck to deal with. Every question I asked was answered honestly and quickly. Justin walked around the truck for me looking for small scratches dings or anything black paint hides in pictures. Justin called me and said "Danny there is a dent in the front passenger fender and a ding on the back passenger door." I appreciated his honesty and my wife and I set out to see the truck, just a quick 2 day trip from Tallahassee, Florida to Houston, Texas. When we arrived Justin greeted us and said well here is the truck you looked at on the internet. I thought he was joking because I could not find a dent or ding anywhere. Justin pointed at the "dent" and it was smaller than a pen cap. The ding I just took his word that it was there because I didn't see it, still don't. When we signed the papers and exchanged money for keys, I jokingly told my wife to run to the truck we just got away with highway robbery. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Houston Automotive Group for your vehicle needs. THANKS AGAIN Justin and everyone at Houston Automotive Group. See you soon for a Z-71 Tahoe, wife's turn now.

D G Brady
Tallahassee, FL

September 30, 2003

We would like to thank Chris and CF for the great opportunity we had in buying our F350 4x4 crew cab from your truck center. Chris was very helpful and friendly in our sale. We honestly have never experienced such a casual, professional and confident salesman. CF took the extra step for us also in shopping for the best interest rate! Definitely a first class facility with first class merchandise!

Gary and Dallas Quinton
Houston, TX

September 29, 2003

Thanks Chris and CF for the time and effort you put into making a deal on the truck, I have really enjoyed it and you were upfront and honest with me and that means a lot these days with the market the way it is. I especially would like to thank Chris for the follow up on the truck information he was able to get such as the total lift height etc. Thanks again

Johnny Johnson
Houston, TX

September 26, 2003

I can't thank you guys enough!! We have shopped all over the south, trying to find the right truck we wanted to pull our 37' Fifth Wheel RV. Corina, was so prompt in returning phone calls and keeping us up on every step of our purchase. Sometimes when you make large purchases over the internet it can be scary!! We were extremely please with our new truck, and there were no surprises, other than it was much more than we dreamed. CF was really on the ball with the paper work for us and made the business side of the deal a pleasant experience. Justin was very helpful in getting us back on track when we were ready to leave Houston. Over all I would recommend you guys and gal :) to any of our family or friends!! Thanks again all !! Hope we can do business again in the future.

David "Chiquita Head"
Panama City, FL

September 22, 2003

This truck was found on the internet, Chuck was very helpful. Since I am 7 hours away I would have been very disappointed if it had not been all Chuck said it was, I am very satisfied with the deal we made and very, very happy with the truck.

Vidalia, LA

September 22, 2003

Just completed a deal on the exact truck I wanted and have been looking for over 6 months now. The truck was the cleanest I have seen and the service during and after the sale was great. Ron Gold was great to work with. Truck has run great. I would definitely buy from Houston Automotive Group again!

Brandon Nixon
Houston, TX

September 20, 2003

What makes a person from Kansas City purchase a truck in Houston, Texas? Service and selection. OK, and price! I spent 4 weeks looking for my truck in Kansas City and found zero that fit my needs. I spent a few minutes looking at the selection of trucks at Houston Automotive Group on-line and knew they had my truck. This is where Chuck Baily came in. From the first conversation I had with Chuck to the time I left the lot with my truck, Chuck was a pleasure to work with. He helped me get to the dealership with his exact directions, got me in and out of the dealership quickly, and sent me home via the shortest and easiest route. In all of this, I spent less time and LESS MONEY on my truck than I would have if someone actually had it in Kansas City. Thanks to Chuck and all the staff at Houston Automotive Group.

Matt Mitchell
Kansas City, KS

September 14, 2003

Yesterday, my wife and I bought a 2001 Ford Excursion from HAG-TTC. I had originally talked to Chris near the end of August about prices on a couple of Excursions on the web. They were low mileage thus well out of my league. Chris asked me what I had in mind and my reply was "high miles, low price, diesel, red or maroon." He called me at work the next day to say there was one that had just been brought in. A couple of weeks passed with no contact from me until three days ago. Chris and CF put together a great price and even let me talk them down a couple hundred just so I would feel good! My wife and two kids drove to Houston from the San Antonio area to make the deal and bring the rig home. When we arrived, the shop crew had the Excursion on the rack washing the undercarriage. While we messed around town, these two men replaced some well worn tires with great new ones, and had the entire vehicle detailed, including under the hood. The undercarriage was also coated. The folks at HAG-TTC went above and beyond the call of duty to get us on our way. They kept saying," This is how we send all our trucks out of here..." It was immaculate and everyone in the family is thrilled. Chris is an excellent, down-to-earth salesman. Never laid eyes on the real machine until we drove into their lot...it was exactly as he had said it would be. Don't think twice about dealing with these fellas.

J. W. Harris
San Antonio, TX

September 1, 2003

Recently, I bought a Toyota Solara from the Houston Automotive Group. The car was in excellent condition, and it runs great. Chris and CF were very professional and helpful. They helped me finish the required paperwork in no time. The company's website is excellent and they seem to have put a lot of effort on it. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

David Zayouna
Houston, TX

September 1, 2003

Thanks Chris and CF for the great deal on the truck and all the work in getting the financing straightened out. I was worried about buying 700 miles from home but those big WORK trucks are hard to find. After ALLOT of searching I've found where I'll do business from now on! Now I've said enough because Houston Auto Group is my honey hole. Thanks again Chris.

Houston, TX

August 30, 2003

I bought a 1996 suburban from Justin Knowles on 8-30-03. He could not of been nicer and more patient or more helpful. The buying experience was pleasent and non rushed. I will be recommending friends and family to Houston automotive and Justin.

John Womack
Houston, TX

August 30, 2003

Hello and God Bless H.A.G. We would recommend anyone to.H.A.G. They treat you there with pride. (If buying a vehicle was as easy as buying from mattress Mac, we would have the vehicle delivered to us on that same day. But of course a vehicle is a lot more paperwork.) We all know that. We will go back for the purchase of our next 15 Passenger Van. Justin, you were a Great Salesperson, and we love you for that. Looking forward to doing business with you in about 2 months again. Thanks again Justin and C.F. Ebelt for a well job done.

Don and Esperanza Worchecsick
Houston, TX

August 29, 2003

Thanks, Chris and CF at Houston Automotive Group. I buy trucks for my family over many years and have taken as long as one year to find the right deal and the right truck. I was asked by my brother to purchase a F450 or F550 to use with a 40 Ft. goose neck trailer. I checked around many places before finally going to HAG. My first impression was these are good people but the trucks are too nice for this type work. Well, after walking the lot and having checked out F450/F550s I found a nice F350. I found Chris was able to answer the questions and spend the time to get my purchase setup to my requirements. I took my time over the next day or so asking friends if this truck would be able to handle the tough work we have planned. Once I made my decision CF and Chris had every thing ready with no hassle. What a way to buy a truck. I will always go back and send my friends to HAG over anyone in town. Thanks Chris and CF!!

Wayne Mathis
Houston, TX

August 29, 2003

I highly recommend Houston Automotive Group to anyone looking for a good vehicle at a fair price. Many thanks to Chris and CF for their professionalism and southern hospitality, which helped make my 800-mile trek to Texas a more pleasant experience. As a business owner myself, I understand what good customer service is all about, and so do the folks at Houston Automotive. I am very satisfied with my purchase and plan to be a repeat customer as my business expands and the need for more trucks increases.

Brian Janus
St. Louis, MO

August 28, 2003

I found Houston Automotive Group had one of the larger selections of used trucks; all in great shape! I also found the personnel very helpful, especially Chuck. Chuck was not only helpful but, he stayed after hours to conclude our deal.

Larry Duke
Houston, TX

July 29, 2003

My story started many months ago, I started to look for a specific truck and found it a H.A.G, which is a catchy acronym for Houston Automotive Group. This started in Spain. I spoke with Richard from Spain and he was very helpful. When I arrived several months later, and going to most of the dealerships in Houston looking for a good price on the truck I was looking for and I always came back to the prices and the people at H.A.G. My sale was a little complicated, after nearly 2 weeks of having my truck, I decided to take the truck back to H.A.G because it just was not working out, the dealership worked with me and never said you bought it and it's yours, sorry. They exchanged it for the right truck and I'm happy, truck is perfect and what's more important is they made my wife happy with the whole deal. This alone will make me go back for my next purchase. Thanks again to Richard and the others at H.A.G

L. Romero
Houston, TX

December 31, 1969

I bought a 1999 Ford F-350 Crew cab diesel dually from Houston Automotive Group. Price was good and boy was this truck clean, and don't forget about the super salesman(Frank) he did a great job. Thanks for a beautiful truck Stephen Faul Port Arthur Texas

Stephen Faul
Beumont, TX

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